Woman waits 'whole day' at home for Ninja Van but gets email that parcel was delivered unsuccessfully

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She was mystified.

A woman said she had waited "the whole day" at home for the delivery of her parcel, only to get an email from Ninja Van that the delivery was unsuccessful.

How could this have happened, wondered Stomper Rosanna, who was expecting a package from skincare company Ozio on Sept 16.

"I was at home the whole day waiting for Ninja Van to deliver my order from Ozio Singapore," she recounted.

"Then suddenly, I got an email from Ninja Van stating 'unsuccessful delivery'. How could this be? Nobody rang the doorbell or even knocked."

She contacted Ninja Van's customer service and shared a screenshot of the chat.

"They kept giving me the standard replies: 'We will reschedule.'

"Does Ninja Van expect me to stay at home the whole week and not even go to the toilet, waiting for the delivery man to appear, asked the Stomper.

"Later in the afternoon, I got a box delivered to me by Watsons! No issues because they do not use Ninja Van."

She added: "I also informed the seller Ozio Singapore. Thank God I opted to pay cash on delivery for the order.

"Can you imagine if I had paid upfront and I would still be waiting for my goods?"

Stomp has contacted Ninja Van for more info.

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