Ninja Van sends Lazada parcel with only cardboard to woman -- even though she didn't order anything

Submitted by Stomper Varsha

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It can be upsetting when you finally get your online purchase and it turns out to be just a piece of cardboard.

But equally worrying is receiving packages even when you did not buy anything -- because how did the sender or seller get your personal information?

Stomper Varsha was puzzled when she received a string of messages about a pending delivery from Ninja Van last week.

According to the texts, the package was supposedly from Lazada.

However, Varsha had not ordered anything via the e-commerce platform.

The Serangoon resident told Stomp: "The whole communication felt like a kind of a scam because a parcel was delivered to me last Thursday (June 8) and when I opened it, I found a flap of cardboard in it and nothing else.

"It is really shocking. Why is Ninja Van delivering an empty parcel? Are they just doing it to use my address for some misleading purposes?"

Varsha contacted Lazada about the matter and was told that "this is a very complicated issue".

Lazada said that while it was unable to confirm how the seller had obtained Varsha's information and why unsolicited packages were sent to her, it has permanently removed the seller from its platform. It has also warned all the other sellers whom Varsha had previously dealt with.

The Stomper added: "I’m still shocked."

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