Woman uses restaurant's chair to chope parking lot for friend, refuses to budge for at least 25 min

Submitted by Stomper J

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A woman was seen using a restaurant's chair to reserve a parking lot for her friend -- who did not show up even after 25 minutes.

Stomper J said the incident occurred outside Queen of Wok along Rangoon Road on Friday (Aug 11), at around 7pm.

J recounted: "I was unable to park in the lot as this woman used a plastic chair to illegally chope it and didn't allow anyone else to park. She kept saying that her friend's car was reaching soon but the lot was still empty even after 15 minutes.

"I waited about a good 25 minutes and never saw her friend's car."

Frustrated, the Stomper went to eat at another restaurant instead.

J added: "What a selfish person."

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