Driver incredulous after man 'chopes' lot by standing in it at Sixth Avenue: 'Are you serious?'

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March 23, 2023

Like tissue paper packets at hawker centres, using your person to “chope” a parking space is fast becoming a trend. 

A driver was left frustrated when a man stood in the middle of a parking space in Sixth Avenue as he attempted to reverse park.

In a TikTok video he uploaded via his dashcam, user Joepele3 reverses into a space where a man in a red polo is standing while casually sipping a beverage.

The man refuses to budge no matter how close the car gets. 

When the driver emerges, he says: "I'm chope-ing the lot for my friend, he's right there," while gesturing behind him. 

The driver is incredulous, and can be heard saying: "Are you serious? My goodness!" 

He then gets back into his car and drives off. 



♬ original sound - joe pele

Thankfully for the red-shirted man, this driver was calm and placid. In May last year, another woman tried a similar move, “parking herself” at a carpark space in Marina Bay Sands. 

That time, the driver wasn't having any of it, and proceeded to reverse into the lot anyway. 

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