'Buay paiseh auntie' refuses to budge from The Star Vista parking lot despite so many cars waiting

Submitted by Stomper Ks

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A woman was caught on camera standing in a parking lot to reserve it and refusing to budge even when chided by other drivers.

Stomper KS shared a video and photos of the incident that occurred on Monday (June 19), at around 1pm.

He recounted: "I was waiting for a parking lot after dropping off my parents first for them to get seats at the restaurant. This champion auntie decided to chope the parking lot by standing in the lot.

"For your info, I had been waiting in that area for around 20 to 30 minutes. Finally after seeing a car driving out of the lot, I happily reversed, only to see this auntie happily walking and standing in the lot.

"I thought, 'Ok maybe she was just there for awhile', until I reversed in and she was still not moving. That's when I knew this auntie wanted to be famous.

"I parked my car, went down and told her to move as I had already been waiting for 20 minutes (in a nice tone). However, she kept insisting that she was here first and her car was coming.

"As you can see in the video, around four to five cars got held up and one driver even opened the door to ask her to move. But nope, she insisted on staying."

In the video, the woman is seen standing in the parking lot despite being reprimanded by another driver, who can be heard saying, "Auntie, auntie. One two three fours cars. Waiting for you, standing there. You buay paiseh ah?"

The woman, however, insisted that "my car is coming" and then said, "But she don't want to move, what can I do?"

KS said he also encountered the driver of the car that the woman was helping to reserve a spot for.

The Stomper added: "And okay, since I was in a rush and a car further down happened to be leaving, I decided to screw it, drive forward and park in another lot.

"But afterwards, I went back to take a photo of the car and this uncle had the balls to ask me to take more pictures of him since he is so handsome. He said, 'Take more lah, I so handsome! Come take more!'

"Ok lah, uncle, you want it, you get it. Maybe your children or relatives will see your handsome face online."