Woman thanks 'most helpful bus captain ever' for assisting passengers with wheechair and strollers

Submitted by Stomper Yasmin

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Heartwarming acts should be lauded, and that's what Stomper Yasmin decided to do after encountering what she felt was "the most helpful bus captain ever" on Saturday (Oct 5).

Yasmin, who was on board SBS Transit bus service 30 at around 6.30pm, expressed gratitude towards its bus captain for helping her and other passengers with their strollers during the journey.

She told Stomp: "This is the most helpful bus driver I have ever seen.

"Each time someone in need boarded the bus, he got up from his seat to assist them.

"I was with my kid, who was in a stroller, and the bus captain helped me up and down the bus using the ramp. He did the same for others who had strollers with them too.

"There was also an elderly woman on a wheelchair who had to board the bus. He helped to move our strollers safely and smoothly to make room for the wheelchair-bound passenger."

Yasmin shared a photo that she took of the smiling bus captain when she alighted at Boon Lay Bus Interchange and said: "More bus captains should be like him."