Woman struggles with police officers after making a din at Woodlands void deck

Submitted by Stomper Mai

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A woman caused a commotion at Woodlands Street 82 on Friday night (Nov 17), then engaged in a physical struggle with police officers who had been called to the scene.

Stomper Mai, a resident of Block 816, said she first noticed the woman causing a loud disturbance opposite her flat at around 10.45pm.

Mai told Stomp: The woman was talking on the public phone while holding a mobile phone.

"Subsequently, she started screaming and shouting on the public phone. She also started banging the phone and smashed it against the holder, causing disturbance to residents and passers-by who had just alighted a bus."

According to Mai, someone called the police and they arrived on the scene shortly after.

"The police officers told the woman to stop banging the phone. However, she only grew more enraged, screamed back at them, and continued banging the phone in their presence.

"The police officers told her to calm down but she pushed them."

A video that Mai filmed shows two police officers trying to get the woman under control, while she put up a fierce struggle.

Mai said: "The entire incident lasted about 45 minutes."

Stomp understands that the woman was drunk.

Police officers tried to calm her down and brought her to the police station, where they contacted her next-of-kin.

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