Woman shocked by 'ridiculously pricey' kueh that cost $7 at Sembawang mall

Submitted by Stomper Mandy

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Would you pay $7 for two pieces of kueh?

Stomper Mandy was shocked that a box of rainbow-coloured ang ku kueh that she purchased at Sun Plaza in Sembawang cost $7.

She said the bean-filled pastries were purchased from a Ji Xiang Confectionery kiosk located on the first floor of the shopping mall, in front of McDonald's.

Mandy told Stomp: "I just want to share that kueh is ridiculous pricey now. I was too shocked to ask the staff why it was so expensive.

"What do you think is the market rate?"

Stomp visited the stall at Sun Plaza and learnt that the rainbow kueh indeed costs $7 for a box of two. The regular ang ku kueh is going for $3.20 per box and $9 for three boxes.

The items can also be found on Ji Xiang Confectionery's website. The rainbow-coloured pastries are listed as "Premium Ang Ku Kueh". Available in five flavours, they are priced at $3.50 per piece.

Gold flakes on your kueh, anyone?

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