Stompers unable to stomach price increase for beloved food items like teh peng and McChicken

Submitted by Stomper Peter, Outraged

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Prices for everything, especially food, are going up – but are they rising too quickly?

According to Stompers Peter and Outraged, this appears to be the case.

Peter was surprised to be charged $1.80 for a cup of teh peng (iced tea) at the Chang Cheng Mee Wah coffee shop at Block 498 Jurong West Street 41.

Peter, who made the purchase at around 8.10am on Tuesday (Nov 7), said: "It used to be $1.50 but now it's $1.80.

"That's overpriced and too much of an increase in just a few months, especially for somewhere without air-con facilities."

Meanwhile, Stomper Outraged visited the McDonald's outlet at Canberra Plaza on Monday night (Nov 6) and was shocked to see that its menu prices had gone up yet again.

She told Stomp: "A McChicken burger used to be just $2. It then went up to $2.50, which I thought was still understandable considering inflation, Covid-19 and everything that has been going on.

"Not long after, it increased to $2.95 and that was the price in October. Now, the burger costs a freaking $3.25. To increase by 30 cents at once... wow."

Outraged said she decided not to get the McChicken and only bought an iced latte, which has also gotten more pricey.

The Stomper added: "The iced latte is now $4.60 at this outlet and the cup was not even full.

"I get the need to increase prices, but surely a line has to be drawn somewhere?"