Woman screams as shirtless 90-year-old landlord pulls her hair in kitchen, police looking into matter

Submitted by Stomper PK

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A tenant was physically abused by her landlord after he accused her of doing something to the kitchen floor.

Stomper PK shared a video of the shirtless elderly man pulling her hair as she screamed and tried to push him away with a closed umbrella.

He then suddenly stopped and walked away to take a seat in the living room.

The Stomper said she called the police to the Bukit Merah View flat.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged and are looking into the matter.

The Stomper said she had been renting a bedroom in the flat for 10 years.

"The other lady tenant and I try not to talk to him. The older he gets, the more weird. I think he quarrelled with his mistress. He is 90 years old."

She recounted: "On June 23, he suddenly asked me: 'What have you done to the floor?'

"I wondered: 'What do you mean?'

"Then I realised it was the discolouration of the kitchen floor due to age. I denied doing anything.

"He then ran forward to grab my hair forcibly."

Sharing a photo of her fallen hair on the washing machine, she said: "It was double what can be seen in the pic."

Another photo shows the shirtless man speaking with the police.

"Even with the video, he denied being violent," said the Stomper.

She said the police suggested she moved out and she did so that night after work. The Stomper is currently staying with a friend in Queenstown.

The other tenant is still living in the Bukit Merah View flat. "No choice," said the Stomper. "Cheap rent."