Student says landlord invaded her privacy by taking photos of her room, e-mailing her school for info

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April 03, 2023

A university student has alleged that her landlord invaded her privacy and took pictures of her room while she wasn’t home. 

She also alleged that he sent her school an e-mail checking on her status, and inquiring about her course completion date and vacation period.

In a TikTok video seen by Mothership, the student said she moved into a room in a Yishun flat some time last year. 

Things between her and the landlord were cordial during the first few weeks, with the latter even buying her dinner on the first day of her move in. 

Things took a turn in January this year, when he started to nag her on the "little things."

For one, he told her to cut down on her air-con usage as he “could not afford the bill”, to which the student agreed.  

The following month, things got worse when the landlord allegedly e-mailed her school to check on her validity. 

Shortly after, the student said her landlord decided to evict her. 

But he refused to return her deposit, claiming he needed two weeks to watch a "hidden CCTV recording" first.

Later on, the landlord accused her of not returning a plate from the kitchen.

In the course of the ensuing argument, the landlord allegedly said not to “challenge” him if she wanted her deposit back. 

The student said she reported the incident to her property agent, but did not receive a reply.

She is now living at a new place, which she said is “way better” and “located near her school”. 

Nonetheless, she asked her followers on TikTok what she could have done about the situation – in case a similar dispute happens again.

Many commenters suggested that she make a police report or turn to the Small Claims Tribunals.

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