Landlord increases TikToker's rent by 'only' 75 per cent: 'So generous of him'

The New Paper
March 7, 2023

Imagine being told that increasing your rental was an "excellent deal". 

A woman on TikTok said it was what her landlord told her when he informed he was going to increase her rent by 75 per cent. 

In the video posted recently, user salshoult explained sarcastically that she need not be “anxious about the state of the Singapore rental market” because her landlord was going to increase her rent by “only” 75 per cent. 

She said her landlord claimed it was an “excellent deal” since he intended to “put it onto the open rental market at a 100 per cent” mark up, otherwise. 

Salshoult added mockingly: “Uh, so really he’s only giving us a 25 percent discount… so generous of him.”

@salshoult It’s my turn to feel the burn of the SG rental market! #sgexpats #sgrent ♬ original sound - Sal

At the end of the video, she said she was planning to move out as a result. 

In the comments, many shared similar experiences with exorbitant rent hikes. 

One user commented: “Happened to me; 100 per cent increase. I moved out and found something cheaper and better.”

Another said: “I rented in the heartlands and rent was increased by 40 per cent, and I moved out too.”

One user even suggested she move to JB if her working conditions permitted as it was "value for money". 

Responding to some of the comments, salshoult continued to express her disbelief at her landowner’s actions, saying she paid her monthly rent “on time” during the four years she lived there, and also kept her property in “good condition”. 

She added: “Low maintenance tenant who rarely contacts landlord for anything. What more could he possibly want?!”

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