Woman says Chong Pang stall employee has "attitude problem" for not being "kind enough" to serve her food

Submitted by Stomper Lim

The opinions expressed in this article are of Stomper Lim's and does not reflect the views of Stomp or this journalist.

Stomper Lim expressed outrage about how a stall employee at Chong Pang Market & Food Centre did not personally serve her the food that she ordered, despite seeing that she was "alone" and needed to "guard" her seat.

Stomp will not be naming the stall.

Here is Lim's full message to Stomp:

"This particular stall in Chong Pang even has telephone lines to call for pick-ups. Good to have this service, but surprisingly, their service sucks.

"There is this man who takes your orders and collects money upon ordering. After ordering, he will often ask you to come back for your order.

"I was alone and was looking for a seat in the crowded and small food centre near the stall.

"When my food was done, the guy called me over.

"Despite seeing me alone, he wasn't kind enough to serve me my food.

"When I walked over and told him I was alone, he questioned me and gave me fierce looks.

"He said, 'You expect me to serve? It's self service!'

"Alarmed by his attitude, I told him I was alone and wasn't able to guard my seat if I left.

"He replied, 'No choice then.'

"I was angry and determined not to purchase his food anymore. The food was not so fantastic and his attitude sucks. The stall is overcrowded with staff and after ordering, if payment is not given, he will shout at you to pay first.

"If you want to eat here, do it at your own risk then."

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