Salesgirl claims using dryer causes mattress cover to shrink: You be the judge

Submitted by Stomper Stomper

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A Stomper was disappointed when the new mattress covers he purchased did not fit the new foldable mattress he bought from Jurong Point last week.

He had gone to the shop to purchase a 3-inch thick foldable mattress when the salesgirl suggested that he buy mattress covers with a zipper as well.

"She claimed they would fit all single size mattress up to 3-inch thickness from their stores and also claimed the mattress can be folded even with the cover on," he said.

He then checked with her again if the mattress can still be folded with the cover on and she assured him it would.

He purchased two covers with the mattress and washed and dried them when he arrived home.

However, to his dismay, he discovered that the mattress could not fully fit into either of the covers.

He then returned to the shop the next day to speak to the manager.

"She then took a similar type of mattress from the store and tried to put one of the covers on the mattress," said the Stomper.

While doing so, she snapped the zipper off. She fixed the zipper back and put the cover fully on the mattress only with excessive force.

"However, she could not fold the mattress with the cover on.

"I then asked her why they claimed it could fit the mattress and that the mattress could also be folded with the cover on.

"She then asked me if I had used a dryer with the covers.

"The moment I said yes, she jumped to the conclusion that the use of dryer had shrunk the cover so it could not fit the mattress anymore thus, the store could not help me with that.

"When I asked her if that was the case, why did neither the salesgirl nor the packaging state that the cover could not be used with a dryer?

"She reasoned that it was impossible for their salespeople to inform every customer about that."

When Allan returned home, he tried one of the covers on another 3-inch mattress he owned and found that it could fit the mattress and be folded with the cover on without any issue.

He then compared the two mattresses next to each other and found that the new mattress was longer at 194cm compared to the 191cm length of the other mattress.

"Obviously, this is the reason why the mattress cover cannot fit the mattress," he said.

"My question now is, does the store not know the actual size of their products?

"You be the judge."