Woman perched dangerously on window sill to clean windows 12 storeys high at Woodlands block

Submitted by Stomper Kok

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A Stomper was concerned to see a woman climbing out onto the window sill to clean the window in Woodlands on Jan 24.

Stomper Kok shared a photo of the incident at Block 669 Woodlands Ring Road, which is 12 storeys tall.

"I saw this person doing window cleaning in a dangerous position," he said.

"I presume this could be a foreign domestic worker, cleaning for Chinese New Year."

"It's the employer's responsibility to ensure no mishap will happen."

The Stomper said he was sharing this to remind all employers.

Employers can be fined up to $10,000 and/or imprisoned up to 12 months, if they fail to ensure the work safety of their maids. They may even be barred from employing a maid in the future.