Woman pays $62 for dresses with stains and loose threads, shop says to use washing machine first

Submitted by Stomper Lim

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A woman's excitement over her online apparel purchase soon turned into disappointment after the clothes arrived with stains and loose threads.

Stomper Lim bought two dresses from local online retailer LeChic during a sale. She paid $62 inclusive of delivery after a discount, but was horrified by the quality of the clothes when they came.

Lim said: "One dress is stained (on the outside, not the inside) and I later realised that the other dress has lots of entangled and loose threads (also on the outside)."

"At first, the store told me to send pictures to do an exchange. They also told me that the dresses were sold below cost."

Lim shared images of her email correspondence with the store, who can be seen explaining their Return & Exchange policy. The same information can be found on LeChic's website.

Lim told Stomp: "But after I sent the photos, they told me to wash the dress myself. Even with a stain, I have to wash the dress myself. What if the stain doesn't come off?"

The Stomper was also told that loose threads are not considered defects.

When Lim tried to press the issue, LeChic told her to try washing the stained dress first before contacting them to arrange for the item to be sent back.

Lim lamented: "I just feel that the way they do business is ridiculous. Is this fair to customers?

"This is the first time I have encountered such a seller. Never have I received sale items of such bad quality too.

"Now, they are still selling the same dress, but at $49.90 and no more discount."

Lim added: "At the end of the day, they have their own point of view but is it really fair for customers?

"They are the one doing the sale and even with discounted prices, they should be responsible if the dresses come with stains etc. Why ask me to try washing first, then if cannot, contact them again?

"I consulted my friends and they said this is not right. Furthermore, seeing the other black dress with all the loose threads makes me even more displeased and disappointed!"

In response to a Stomp query, LeChic said: "Our exact words in the email to the customer were:

"If the mentioned issue does not go away with first wash, you may contact us again to send back the dress for our team to take a look again and process accordingly."

"We had instructed the customer to try a first wash on the dress first and if the issue is still there after washing, she may contact us again for further assistance and steps to return.

"We have no further comment on the issue."

Lim acknowledged the store's reply and said: "At the end of the day, it was my own choice to place an order for the sale items. So perhaps I need to abide by whatever they responded etc.

"But is this right?"

View more photos of the clothes and the email conversation in the gallery.