Customer upset her $3,000 customised bed too small for mattress, shop says dimensions given by her

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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They made the bed, but she is not lying in it.

A woman is "very upset" that the $3,000 customised bedframe she ordered not only arrived late, but it turned out to be also too small for her mattress.

Stomper Anonymous had ordered the bedframe from a company called Home Atelier.

"I sent them the mattress dimensions," said the Stomper, who ordered the bedframe on Sept 9 and was expecting it by Oct 1, but it was not delivered until Oct 17.

"Never mind that, when they delivered and installed that day, the installer refused to put the mattress on after installation."

But she insisted and when the mattress was placed on the bedframe, it did not fit as the bedframe was too short.

"The installer insisted it was customised to the mattress size," said the Stomper.

"I called their customer service guy. They said would get back to me, but I had to remind them and only on 19 Oct at 5pm, their manager texted me using the same WhatsApp account as the customer service person. He insisted that I confirm against the invoice if the details of the order were correct.

"As I did not trust their process any more I wanted to talk to someone to understand what exactly they needed. They kept hanging up the phone and insisted I said yes or no to the invoice first before they could proceed with my request.

"I told them I was not clear what exactly they were trying to verify. So I asked them to please call me and explain but they refused.

"On top of that, the bed I ordered was supposed to be a storage bed. The mattress should be sitting fully on the liftable metal panel.

"I then sent a long email, showing the entire order process and the waiting for the delivery up till installation and the refund application. I asked them to replace or refund the bed.

She added: "This is the first time I ever encountered a queen-size bed not able to fit a standard queen-size mattress.

"They said it was because I did not remove the mattress packaging and have now rejected my refund claim. Their own guy came by and saw that it did not fit. Even removal of the packaging wouldn’t help."

The length of a queen-size mattress in Singapore is typically 190cm, but in the US and Europe, it is 200cm.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Home Atelier said that the company has reviewed the details of the bedframe purchase and found the Stomper's version of events to be "very misleading and plainly untrue".

He said the Stomper had purchased the bedframe online and indicated that her mattress was 190cm in length.

"As the bedframe she was interested in is catered for a mattress with a length of 200cm, she then requested that we customise our bedframe to fit her mattress length of 190cm."

On the day of delivery, the delivery team assembled the bedframe and took a completion photo and video.

"As the bedframe was customised, they also measured the length as part of our QC process which shows the length from the bedframe headboard to the bedframe front panel to be 190cm as per requirements," said the spokesman.

"We would like to highlight that the customer's mattress dimensions were given to us by her and our furniture team did not have the opportunity to measure this in person.

"On the delivery day, our delivery team were also not allowed to remove the mattress protective wrapping including the corner protectors as seen via the photo she has shared with you to either set up the bed for her or to take measurements.

"Hence we are not able to verify her mattress dimensions independently."

The spokesman added: "As the length from the bedframe headboard to the bedframe front panel is the required 190cm, given the photo that the customer has shared, it is unlikely her mattress dimensions are what she has informed our sales team during the sales process and as reflected on the purchase invoice.

"On our part, we are unable to offer a refund or an exchange for all customised furniture products and we are very grateful for the customer’s kind understanding about this."