Woman buys top 'meant for the trash' from TikTok Live: 'I could have donated the $5 to someone'

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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It is not uncommon to be disappointed by items bought online.

Although online shopping has opened up a whole new world of convenience, it still cannot make up for seeing and touching potential purchases in person.

One woman learned this the hard way when she bought a top that a TikTok account sold during a Live video.

The Stomper said that @Enchant.sg recently did a TikTok live with two young ladies selling pre-loved items.

"They did show the items to the viewers but as everyone knows, sometimes the resolution can be quite bad," she said.

"It was a flash-and-go kind of Live.

"This light blue top caught my attention and it seemed so sweet so I decided to get it.

"I myself am a seller on some other platform.

"Tops that are as good as new are only sold at a maximum of $6, those that were not so good were $2 or even free.

"Even if the item has a bit of defect and is free, I still inform buyers to let them know.

"I didn't expect myself to get an item for $5 that was meant for the trash bin.

"As you can see, every single area of the top was dirty, as if it had been worn for a very long period of time without washing.

"The front, back, shoulders and armpits (GROSS TO THE MAX) were stained!"

The buyer told Stomp that the seller reportedly refused to issue her a refund after she brought this to their attention.

"I do donate regularly as well," she said.

"I can't even allow myself to donate this kind of item and they actually sold it.

"To all buyers out there, it's good to trust but it's also good to double-check with buyers at all times.

"Buy at your own risk.

"I could have donated the $5 to someone who needs it."