Woman offers $500 reward for missing parrot that likes to whistle, last seen in Bedok North

Submitted by Stomper Shirley

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A woman is offering a $500 reward for her missing parrot that was last seen in Bedok North.

Stomper Shirley said that Lucky the Jardine parrot went missing on July 12 around 6pm.

"She flew off from Block 419 Bedok North Street 1," said the Stomper. "She likes to whistle and is a glutton."

The green-feathered bird is one year old.

The Stomper has posted two appeals for help to find Lucky in the Facebook group, Parrot SOS (Lost & Found).

You can contact the Stomper at 9171 2921 if you have any info about her parrot.

The Stomper had also lost a 2½-year-old cockatiel named Xiao Hui on the same day, but it has been found.