Woman looking for cabby she forgot to pay after taking ride from Little India MRT Station

Submitted by Stomper Rebecca

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A woman is looking for a cabby who gave her a ride from Little India MRT Station taxi stand so that she can pay him.

Stomper Rebecca told Stomp that she took the cab at the F27 taxi stand at Little India MRT Station on Wednesday (June 7) at about 3pm.

She added that she is used to taking Grab and uses auto-payment.

"I just alighted without paying," she said.

"I believe the Malay uncle also may be used to taking Grab rides and forgot to collect from me as well.

"He had already driven off when I realised.

"I feel very bad."

Rebecca hopes that the cabby will see this appeal so that she can pay him.

"I did not take note of the taxi company or car plate number at all," she said.

"The uncle will have to be able to clearly state where he dropped me off and if it's correct, I will make payment to him."

If you are the cabby, kindly contact Stomp at stomp@sph.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.