Update: 'Kind & fatherly' principal that former Keming student was looking for passed away in April

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Update on June 9:

A reader informed Stomp that Mr Lee passed away in April.

The reader declined to share further details, but said: "Hoping that this can help the ex-Kemingnite close the chapter."

Responding to the news, Stomper YM said: "Guess I was too late. Nevetheless, I am grateful and thankful for Stomp's great help."

Original article:

A former student of Keming Primary School is hoping to reconnect with the principal who left her with fond memories of her schooling days.

Stomper YM is looking for Mr Lee Chin Fong, who was the principal of Keming Primary School from 1987 to 1995. He then left for Fuhua Primary School and was the principal there from 1996 to 2000.

It is unclear how old Mr Lee is now.

YM said: "After reading about so many successful reunions on Stomp, I am trying my luck here to see if I can find my primary school principal and reconnect with him through Stomp.

"Primary school is a place that many children will detest going as it is where you leave your comfort zone and reality strikes, with tons and tons of homework.

"However, that was never the case for me. Instead, primary school was a place of the fondest memories, all thanks to Mr Lee. He was a very kind and fatherly figure to us, and would always check on us to see if we had food to eat during our recess.

"I hope to reconnect with him as the last I saw him was when I was in Primary 3 in 1995, when he left Keming to be a principal in another school.

"YM are the initials for my Chinese name which I used in primary school, so it is highly possible that he might remember it."