Elderly man on crutches looking for guy who dropped $50 note at Eunos Crescent

Submitted by Stomper wl

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An elderly man is looking for a young guy who dropped a $50 note on the ground at Block 25 Eunos Crescent.

Stomper WL alerted Stomp to the appeal that was posted on GoodHood, a mobile app that aims to foster the kampung spirit by giving users in a particular neighbourhood a platform to connect with one another.

The original poster said that the young man was listening to music so he could not hear the older resident telling him he had dropped his money.

"I am old and cannot shout, I am using crutches so cannot catch up with him as he walked away quickly," he said.

"I only managed to snap this photo from a few metres away."

He added that he zoomed in to show the man as clearly as he could.

He asked other residents in the area to message him with the man's address so that he could return the money.

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