Woman initially in bad mood -- but awesome driver of Bus 163 makes her day

Submitted by Stomper Helen

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Stomper Helen is full of praise for the driver of bus service 163, which she boarded at Thomson Plaza yesterday morning (Nov 12).

According to Helen, she had been in a bad mood due to problems at home, but the bus captain managed to make her day with his kindness.

Helen wrote:

"I would like to compliment this SBS bus driver of service number 163 plate number SBS 8640.

"When I was boarding the bus from Thomson Plaza at 9.58am today, he initially greeted me with 'Hi, good morning. I was surprised by his little gesture and I smiled at him.

"During my journey to Sengkang, he greeted every passenger who boarded at each bus stop. Many passengers had been surprised too.

"He also said, 'Thank you, bye' to each of the alighting passengers too, including myself.

"His kind gesture made my day as my mood had been badly affected by a situation that happened at home recently.

"I hope SBS can compliment and praise him, so that it encourage him better."