Woman goes undercover at Balestier massage parlour, finds condoms and staff providing sexual services

After a friend complained that she was taken advantage of while working at a massage parlour, a woman decided to expose the shady operations in the establishment by going undercover. 

When she went into the parlour, she found condoms hidden throughout the shop, and also three staff who provided sexual services to nearly 20 men within the day. 

The woman, Ms Jia, 38, told Shin Min Daily News that she received an SMS from a friend that there was a massage parlour along Balestier Road providing sexual services and the shop also stocked condoms for its customers. 

Ms Jia said that this was not the first time she has heard about such shady establishments. When her friend told her that she had been taken advantage of, she decided to infiltrate the place by securing a job there. 

She said:

“I called the reception and a manager asked me how I got the contact number. She was quite guarded at first.

"I told her that I was introduced by someone and she became more comfortable after that. 

“After she asked about my background, she told me that I could report for work the next day.”

Ms Jia said that she was very worried as she was heading to the parlour for her “first day of work”, but managed to calm herself down. 

She first got to know the layout of the shop and was careful not to arouse the suspicion of the manager.  She also found condoms hidden within the restroom cabinets and took photos for evidence. 

The photos that she took were sent to Shin Min Daily News.

In the photos that Stomp also viewed, a bag of condoms is seen in a cabinet. Some other condoms were placed in plastic cups.


Ms Jia added:

“Those condoms were hidden within wet towels. Some were also hidden in plastic cups there were covered with toilet paper. 

“There were also condoms hidden in the pillows.”

According to Ms Jia’s observation, the parlour’s customers started arriving only in the late afternoon.

Up to three employees were present in the store at any one time, and the shop was visited by nearly 20 male customers within a day.

After concluding that her friend had been telling the truth, Ms Jia quickly came up with an excuse and left the job on the same day. 

Said Ms Jia:

“I hope that through this article, and the evidence I’ve collected, the police will take action.”