Woman gets bed-bug bites on face in Bangkok, sends hospital bill to hotel but is ghosted by manager

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May 9, 2023

Three months after a torrid experience at a Bangkok hotel where she woke up with bed-bug bites all over her face, a Singaporean woman is still awaiting word of compensation.

Posting about her ordeal on the Lemon8 app, Drea said that all had seemed fine when she checked into the LiT Bangkok Hotel on Feb 8.

The next morning, however, she found two bite marks on her face. 

She brushed them off as pimples, until the following day when she woke up and saw her whole face covered in bites.

The itch was so bad she headed to a local hospital where the doctor told her the bites were from bed bugs. 

Drea was prescribed medicine and also got a letter from the hospital to be given to the hotel.

She promptly got a room change, and the hotel manager also passed Drea her number, requesting her to send the hospital bill to the hotel so that she'll be compensated. 

But that never happened, she said. 

"The hotel manager ghosted us, no refund was provided for our medical bills," wrote Drea, adding that the cost of the original room she stayed in was not refunded either.

Needless to say, the bug bites ruined her vacation in Thailand.

"The bites literally got in the way of my daily life because it was so itchy… I just wanted to scratch my face off at night and couldn't sleep.” 

"I felt like crap because everyone kept staring at my face due to it being covered in bites," she added in her post. 

Interestingly, one comment to her post said "the exact same thing happened to my friend in the same hotel".

Time to post a Google review, guys.

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