TikTok video of S'porean couple's flooded hotel room in Phuket has 4 million views

The New Paper
Nov 30, 2022

A Singaporean on vacation in Phuket posted a TikTok video of her flooded hotel room after a torrential downpour on Oct 30. 

Cynthia Choo and her boyfriend were staying at the Thavorn Beach Village & Resort in Phuket when the property got flooded during a storm. 

The 15-second clip, posted on Oct 31, showed snippets of the room covered in murky, ankle-deep waters. 


To make matters worse, Choo said she and her boyfriend suffered from food poisoning the next day as well.

In a separate TikTok video, Choo showed scenes of the aftermath outside her room and around the resort. It revealed cracked pavements, damaged air conditioner compressors and muddy grounds. 


To placate their guests, the resort moved the couple to a bigger room and offered them free breakfast and laundry services. 

"I really would like to thank the poor hotel staff who stayed up (all) night to (go) door to door and make sure everyone was okay, and then move those that were affected," Choo said. 

Thailand experienced heavy rain and tropical storms over the last two months (Sept and Oct), which caused flooding in most of the country's 77 provinces.