Woman feels sick after finding cockroach midway through her meal

Submitted by Stomper Myra

What would you do if you found a dead cockroach in your lunch when you were already halfway through your meal?

Stomper Myra told Stomp that her mother felt sick after finding the insect in her packed lunch on Sep 10.

"My mum had bought her lunch to-go from a stall at Tuas Amenity Centre last Tuesday," she said.

"She went back to her office and was eating her food halfway when she found this cockroach in her rice.

"She was quite shocked."

Myra added that her mum often buys food from that hawker centre as it is near her office.

"She went back to the stall to show the stall owner who simply said, 'Aiyo'," said Myra.

She doubts her mother will buy lunch from the same stall again.