Woman enraged when Yishun coffeeshop stall owner says "bo bian" after she bites into cockroach that was in her iced coffee

Imagine it is a hot day and all you want is to find solace in an ice cold cup of kopi peng.

Well, one woman's morning comfort turned into a nightmare when she sucked a cockroach up her straw and bit on it.

If that is not phobia-inducing, we do not know what is.

Facebook user Maisie Low shared her horrific encounter on her page, saying that she will not visit the 925 Chicken Rice coffee shop in Yishun Central for at least the next six months despite having had coffee there every morning before the incident.

To add insult to injury, when she told the stall owner about it, the auntie said, "bo bian".

"Auntie wanted to offer me a new cup of coffee and told me this kind of situation they BOBIAN," she wrote.

"What is bobian?

"You think I will really still dare to drink meh?

"So it's gonna be on me for ordering coffee?

"What kind of attitude is this?!

She added that she can still feel the insect on her tongue.

How would you react in this situation?