Diner finds 'extra ingredient' creeping around her food purchased from Chinatown Point eatery

A Stomper was dining at an eatery in Chinatown Point at around 1pm yesterday (May 27) when she saw something moving in a bowl of food she ordered.

In an email to Stomp, she said that she ordered a meal at Lerk Thai located at B1 of the mall and saw a baby cockroach in her food.

Ling elaborated:

"Initially I was glad my food arrived without much waiting. The presentation looks good and I took a photo. When I pick up the fork and wanted to start eating, I saw two feelers moving among the leaves of the garnish. 

"After taking a closer look, I realised it was a baby cockroach. 

"Shocked by the cockroach, I brought the whole bowl of rice to the counter and returned it to the store.

"This comes really as a shock, especially this is a new stall there."

"They did refund me the price of the food but still charged me GST and service charge, which is unfair.

"They also offered to give me complimentary food."