Woman chopes Chinatown parking lot with iconic pose, chases other cars away

A woman was seen reserving a parking space in Chinatown by standing in it.

While that alone is behaviour to be frowned upon, what made netizens even more critical of her was the way she was standing in the lot.

Facebook user Kieth Chan shared photos of the woman, who was wearing sunglasses, standing in the parking lot with both hands on her hips.

The incident occurred along Banda Street on Saturday (Sept 2), at around 4pm.

Chan said that the woman blocked the parking lot while waiting for a friend's car to come and park, adding that she chased away "quite a few cars".

Many netizens slammed the woman and gave suggestions on what Chan could have done in the situation, though some felt that both parties could have been more gracious.

One user commented: "Just call police lor. No need to make such a big fuss."