Woman changes only outgoing flight on SIA app, shocked to find her return flight cancelled

Submitted by Stomper Teh

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She wanted only to change the date of her outgoing flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on the Singapore Airlines (SIA) app.

Stomper Teh was shocked to discover that somehow her return flight was cancelled in the process and had to pay again to buy another ticket home.

What happened?

"On Aug 26, I used the Singapore Airlines app to change my outgoing flight from Sept 14 to Sept 2," she said.

In an email she wrote to SIA, she recounted: "In the app, I clearly selected to modify only the outgoing segment... Upon confirming the change, there was no warning or prompt from the SQ app saying that I was changing my flight from a round-trip ticket to a one-way ticket. I proceeded with the change.

"Later, when I received the email itinerary, I realised there were only the outgoing flight details and I had lost the return flight details. I then went on to SIA website to check the same booking reference and I was shocked to find out my return flight had been cancelled by SIA.

"I then quickly called Singapore Airlines customer service number at 5.18pm to confirm this. To my dismay, I was told that the return flight ticket was cancelled. I then requested the customer service agent's help to reinstate my original flight itinerary and pointed out that this was the problem with the SQ mobile app.

"By no means had I given consent to cancel my return flight and there was no warning message or prompt on the mobile app that I was cancelling my return flight and changing a round-trip ticket to a one-way ticket.

"Despite informing the agent about this, I am extremely disappointed that she told me I have to repurchase the return flight by paying $47 and 15,000 miles points for the same flight and she could not reinstate my flight itinerary or give me a refund."

She told Stomp that SIA called her on Sept 12.

"They refused to acknowledge and admit it is the issue of their app design," said the Stomper, adding that SIA had since updated the app and the way you modify your flight segment.

"They insisted I have to pay additional money to purchase a brand new return ticket."

Stomp has contacted SIA for more info