3 months after man books flight from S'pore to Chengdu, SIA 'rebooks' him to fly to Shanghai instead

Submitted by Stomper Eric

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When you book a flight with an airline, you do not expect the airline to unilaterally change the destination for you.

But that appeared to be what happened to Stomper Eric.

"I booked an Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight for my family to fly from Singapore to Chengdu and back in May," recounted the Stomper. "The flight dates are in December.

"In August, SIA emailed me that my flight destination had been changed from Chengdu to Shanghai without stating any reasons."

The Stomper shared a screenshot of the email, which said there had been "changes" to his Chendu flight and the airline had "rebooked" him on the next available flight, which was now to another Chinese city instead.

"I could either accept a refund or accept that my flight destination has been changed to Shanghai," said the Stomper.

"I am surprised that a full-fledged carrier like SIA with a good reputation could do this to its customers."

Stomp has contacted SIA for more info.