Mother's Day ruined: Qoo10 seller goes MIA after woman orders cakes for mother and mother-in-law

Submitted by Stomper Winnie

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All she wanted was to give her mother and mother-in-law something sweet on Mother's Day.

Instead, Stomper Winnie was left with no cakes and no refund after ordering them on Qoo10.

She had bought two six-inch cakes for $20.90 each from Awake and Bake.

According to the listing, delivery is free and the cakes would come with free cupcakes and a flower bouquet.

"I saw a Mother's Day cake promotion on Qoo10 and proceeded to order two cakes to be delivered on Mother's Day weekend (May 13 and 14)," she said.

"However on May 13, when I messaged the seller on WhatsApp to confirm my order, there were no replies and no cake was delivered despite the change to 'shipping on delivery'.

"As the first cake was not delivered, ruining my mother-in-law's Mother's Day celebration, I suspected the second cake for my mother's celebration would not be delivered as promised so I cancelled the order and requested a refund since it did not state the cake had been shipped out for delivery.

"Until now, my cake order for May 13 has still not been refunded when I did not receive any cake at all.

"Upon checking the reviews and Qoo10 enquiries, I realised that the shop had gone missing in action on many other customers.

"They also did not deliver to many others, ruining a lot of Mother's Day celebrations.

"If the bakery is unable to fulfil the surge in orders, they should not take in orders and at the very least, have the courtesy to reply to customers and apologise for their mistakes.

"Instead, the bakery chose to ignore all customers' enquiries and leave many unhappy customers with no Mother's Day cake."