Stomper appalled after paying $8.50 for cai png: 'They charged egg as meat... never again!'

Submitted by Stomper Lya

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In the latest edition of Is Your Cai Png Overpriced? a woman was appalled when she was charged a total of $8.50 for rice with 3 dishes.

Stomper Lya said she visited Yong Xing Teochew Porridge on Sept 22 at about 7pm and had ordered a meal to-go which consisted of rice with diced chicken, luncheon meat and scrambled egg.

She said: "Overpriced cai png!

"It stated it's $2.50 for one meat dish but they charged egg as a meat dish."

If you are wondering if she will be giving the eatery another chance, she exclaimed: "Never again!"

In a similar incident, another woman told Stomp she was baffled when a food court stall priced beancurd as meat. She ended up paying $6.70 for her economy rice.