Missing man in Indonesia found -- in python's belly

A 25-year-old missing man, Akbar Salubiro has been found dead inside the belly of a 7-metre long python in Indonesia. 

Akbar, father to two children, was last seen before setting off to harvest palm oil from a village on the island of Sulawesi, reports The Straits Times

The python was found dead, sprawled across the victim’s garden, with his boots clearly visible in the reptile’s stomach. 

Villagers then used a large knife to cut open the belly of the snake, revealing the body of the victim.

A video as well as several photos of the story were posted and shared by Facebook user Ade.

In the harrowing footage, a crowd is shown gathering around the dead snake, and the belly of the reptile is sliced open… to reveal a pair of legs. 

According to Ade, the incident happened in Salubiro, Mateng, situated in West Sulawesi.

Said Ade:

“The snake is terrible indeed.”

Watch the video below.