Wife fails to hide from man's video work call while crawling to retrieve watch, causes him to fumble

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Nov 21, 2022

Wanting to retrieve her watch, a Singaporean woman crawled on all fours across the room while her husband attended a video call for work. 

Unfortunately, her stealthy attempt wasn’t quite good enough and she was spotted on camera, causing her husband to fumble with his presentation.   

The amusing moment was uploaded on TikTok on Nov 18, and has been viewed more than 400,000 times. 

@shutzyy Stealth mode game weak #fail #videocallfail ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

The scene is also reminiscent of a 2017 viral video, where a political analyst in Britain was interrupted by his children during a live BBC video interview, only to have his wife urgently – and hilariously – drag their children away.  

The Singaporean woman, who goes by the name “shutzyy” on TikTok, explained that her husband was on a video call but she needed to cross the room to retrieve her watch on the other side of the table.

“This is what I did, thinking no one saw me,” she said.

Her husband, though, did try to keep a straight face throughout. 

One TikTok user asked: “Did he not know how to adjust the camera?” To this, the wife replied: “My man was too shocked to do anything at that moment.”

Another suggested she do a leopard crawl next time. 

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