Why you shouldn't leave your car out of sight when having petrol pumped

Submitted by Stomper Robert

Many of those who drive in Singapore have no qualms about asking a kiosk attendant to fill up their cars with petrol before walking away.

However, when driving in other countries, you might want to be more careful, says Stomper Robert.

The Stomper shared a video of a kiosk attendant helping a driver to top up his petrol.

However, once the driver walked away, the attendant is seen reaching for a bucket and filling it up with the petrol that was meant to go into the driver's car.

He is then seen walking away and placing the bucket next to a row of cars, out of sight.

It is unclear where or when this happened.

"Share this with your friends if they go overseas and top up petrol in their cars," said Robert.

"Do not go into the kiosk and wait to pay."

Watch the video below.