Brave kiosk attendants face off with robbers at Malaysian petrol station

Two employees at a petrol kiosk in Malaysia put up a brave fight when three men attempted to rob one of them. 

The robbery took place at a 24-hour petrol kiosk in Muar, Johor on Tuesday (Dec 5) at around 3.50am, reports World of Buzz and China Press

A video of the incident was uploaded online. 

The robbers arrived on two motorcycles, and one accomplice was first seen stationed outside the petrol kiosk store, where an employee was standing.

His two accomplices then arrived on another motorcycle. 

Brandishing machetes, the two men confronted the employee, staging a robbery.

An altercation ensued between the two parties, and the employee was slashed on his hand during the skirmish.  

Another attendant who was inside the shop overheard the commotion and came running out of the store to intervene. 

He grabbed a chair lying by the side of the store to fend off the attacks of the robbers. 

Facing resistance from the kiosk attendants, the two machete-wielding robbers decided to retreat.

The third robber then snatched a motorcycle and attempted to flee with the vehicle, even as a kiosk employee attempted to stop him.

The two other robbers quickly returned to aid their comrade, slashing at the employee, who fell to the ground during the struggle.