Petrol kiosk attendant who used phone while refuelling car: Cheers to take corrective actions after Stomp report

Cheers, which operates Esso service stations in Singapore, will take corrective actions following an investigation into a petrol kiosk attendant who was seen using his phone while refuelling a car.

In a Stomp article published on May 26, it was reported that Stomper Marcus saw the attendant engaging in the dangerous act Esso petrol Station in Jalan Jurong Kechil on May 25 at around 2.40pm.

In a photo the Stomper sent, the attendant in a blue top can be seen looking at his phone while filling up the fuel tank of the vehicle

Said the Stomper:

"I was walking out from the mini-mart when I spotted the attendant using his phone.

"Is this not a safety hazard? As an attendant, I would expect him to be more wary of the dangers a phone can pose at a place like the petrol kiosk.

"Such an act is irresponsible and dangerous. I hope the kiosk looks into this soon."

Cheers has issued a response following the earlier Stomp report. Said a spokesperson:

"Operational safety is of paramount concern to us and it is mandatory for all staff to adhere strictly to safety procedures and policies. We thank Stomper Marcus for bringing this to our attention and have since requested for him to contact us to assist in our investigations. Corrective actions will also be taken following our full investigation.
"Customers may also can contact us directly through our customer relations hotline at 6552 2722 or at if they have concerns or would like to provide feedback. Thank you."