What happens when drivers make a turn like kancheong spider

You know that rule where they tell you to wait till the road is clear before making a turn? Here's why it matters.

A video posted on Roads.sg by Linchai shows a car waiting to make a right turn at West Coast Highway at 6pm last Tuesday (Mar 14).

The driver, however, rushes to make the turn and speeds across the lanes.

However, this driver ends up crashing into an oncoming taxi.

Both vehicles get wrecked from the impact.

However, the sheer force of the crash also sends the car rolling into another taxi nearby.

The taxi that was hit by the car during the initial crash is sent over the kerb into some trees nearby.

In the end, this driver learnt a painful lesson why rushing a turn can never end well.

Sadly, other motorists had to bear the brunt of his actions.