Trailer truck driver crowns himself 'king of the road' by going against traffic to make U-turn on MCE

A video circulating online shows a trailer truck driver going against traffic to make a U-turn on the MCE today (Mar 17) at around 8am.

In the video posted on Facebook by Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road, the red truck transporting a blue container can be first seen on the left-most lane of a three-lane road.

The driver then attempted to make a U-turn into the expressway in bizarre fashion.

He or she first made a U-turn with the massive vehicle against traffic across three lanes, as if the road belonged to him or her.

There were several cars on the road, and the drivers had to give way to avoid an accident.

After travelling a few metres against the flow of traffic, the truck driver made a second U-turn into the expressway and drove off.

According to a caption of the video, the truck has the licence plate number XE131U and it belonged to a RIO Logistics (S) Pte Ltd.