What happens when a bendy bus breaks down

Submitted by Stomper ky, ZZ

Stomper KY came across several stationary buses along Yishun Street 72 today (Jul 7) at around 7.30am.

In an email and telephone interview, she said she believes a bendy bus had broken down, leaving the remaining buses behind stranded.

Said KY:

"The road is too narrow for the rest of the buses to pass through."

She told Stomp that the buses were still there when she was back at Yishun St 72 around 30 minutes later.

Stomper ZZ also sent Stomp a video showing the buses at the side of the road.

Based on the video, there were nine buses, including the one that had reportedly broken down. There were both conventional buses as well as bendy buses.

It is unclear what time the hold-up was cleared.