Go-Ahead Singapore investigating incident of bus captain and commuter arguing

Submitted by Stomper Concerned commuter

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Update at 6.35pm:

Public transport provider Go-Ahead Singapore has responded to the incident and is currently investigating it.

In response to media queries, a Go-Ahead Singapore spokesman told Stomp:

"Go-Ahead Singapore is investigating an incident, involving a Bus Captain and a commuter, that took place on bus service 354 on 3 July 2017 in the vicinity of Pasir Ris.

"Commuter safety will always be our first priority and this matter is being reviewed as a matter of urgency."

Original article:

A heated dispute between a female commuter and a bus captain arose yesterday evening (July 3), after the latter admitted on video to beating a red light along Pasir Ris Close.

Stomper Concerned commuter filmed a video of the incident, which occurred on Bus 354 -- with licence plate number SBS 6556 A -- at around 7.20pm.

According to her, Bus Service 354 is operated by Go-Ahead Singapore. Our checks online confirm this.

The clip shows Concerned commuter engaged in an argument with the bus driver after confronting him for beating the red light, which she felt endangered people onboard and other road users.

Said the Stomper:

"The bus was travelling from Pasir Ris Bus Interchange towards Jalan Loyang Besar. The traffic light at a junction outside E!Avenue had already turned red but the driver didn't give two hoots! He just drove right through the red light!

"This is a resort area that sees a lot of pedestrians and cyclists.

"He had the cheek to yell as loudly at me, the commuter who told him of his misdeed. He shouted and scolded me nonstop to be quiet! Just short of saying 'mind your own business'.

"Again in a very loud voice, he gave a lame excuse that he was very stressed and the bus was LATE and that he had to ferry the bus load of passengers.

"Late? There was no jam along Drive 3 from Pasir Ris interchange. If late, he should ask himself why.

"His primary job is to ferry commuters safely to their destination. Not driving recklessly and be a potential hazard to passengers and pedestrians."

At the start of the video, the driver can be heard telling Concerned commuter, "Please stop talking ok, I've got a lot of passengers to send now" and cutting her off with "Please, please" when she tried to interject.

Concerned commuter later asked for his name, to which the driver replied, "My number is triple one six nine."

When questioned if he "beat the red light outside Downtown East just a moment ago, yes or no?" the driver repeatedly answered "Yes, yes" and added, "Anything you say is correct, ok?"

The Stomper then chided him for beating the red light again and told him it was wrong, but he responded, "Please, I got a lot of stress ok. Please, ok."

Upon being further chastised on the severity of his actions, he retorted that Concerned commuter "talked too much" before going on to ignore her.

Concerned commuter told Stomp:

"Before an innocent person falls victim, I sincerely hope that appropriate measures can be taken to investigate this incident."

Although netizens agreed that it is not right to beat the red light, many felt that the commuter should have been more understanding towards the driver, instead of pressuring him further.