Kudos to bus service 59 captain for remaining calm despite auntie scolding him non-stop

Submitted by Stomper Sanchik

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Sanchik sent Stomp a video of an auntie who kept scolding a bus driver who was driving bus service 59.

The video starts with the old lady speaking in dialect saying, "I'll call my kid to come and see."

She continues to berate the driver until another passenger approaches the lady and tells her to stop talking to the driver because he needs to concentrate on driving.

She added that if she wants to lodge a complaint against the bus driver she can do so but she should not distract him.

The auntie then tells the woman to mind her own business.

It is unclear how the bus driver got on the old lady's nerves but Stomper Sanchik wanted to compliment the bus driver for remaining calm throughout the tirade.

Watch the video below.