Bukit Panjang resident's peaceful Saturday disrupted by several noisy buses at carpark

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Most of us look forward to some peace and quiet on the weekend but a Bukit Panjang resident was roused by the noise coming from several buses.

She told Stomp that it happened at the carpark behind Bukit Panjang Community Centre (CC) at Pending Road on Saturday morning (Jan 28).

"There was a loud ceremony of some sort happening in front of the CC," she said.

"It was scaring me, there were so many buses and they were amazingly loud. 

"I thought there'd be only two buses but guess what?

"Four more buses appeared and in the end, they totalled six."

This is not the first time noisy vehicles have irked residents.

Earlier this month, a man living in Bukit Merah complained about the noise coming from an entourage of cars for a wedding.