Watch how e-scooter rider with a death wish 'nearly became roadkill'

Another day, another instance of an e-scooter user riding on the road despite it being against the law.

Facebook user Jason Ho shared two videos of an e-scooter rider who not only was travelling on the road, but also behaving in a reckless manner by swerving across lanes and nearly getting hit by oncoming traffic.

According to the videos' time-stamp, the incident occurred yesterday afternoon (March 28) at around 2.53pm.

Based on a road sign visible in the video, this took place in the direction of Commonwealth Avenue West.

Jason, who had a near-accident with the rider, wrote in his post: "Wow check out this champion... Never thought I would meet one for real but here you go... Idiot got a death wish. Check out his wobble... Nearly become roadkill..."