Do you know this guy on e-scooter? Tell him not to be a menace on the road

Submitted by Stomper Syahmirrulazim

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Stomper Syahmirrulazim was frustrated when he saw an e-scooter rider travelling in the middle of the road at Yishun Avenue 9 before recklessly cutting in front of a taxi driver who was turning into an Esso petrol station yesterday (Mar 11) evening.

The Stomper caught the incident on his in-car cameras and shared the video with Stomp.

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In the video, the e-scooter rider is first seen turning into Yishun Avenu 9 and riding in the middle of the lane.

As the taxi in front of Syahmirrulazim is seen turning into the Esso, the e-scooter rider comes up on the left side of the driver and cuts in front of him in order to ride on the pavement.

"I was angry for the taxi driver," said the Stomper.

"I spoke to him after the incident and he was in shock.

"He told me that he didn't see the rider because he was in his blind spot.

"Thankfully, he managed to stop in time to avoid a collision."

Syahmirrulazim added that he was frustrated because the cabby had indicated his intention to turn but the e-scooter rider did not even raise his hand in apology to the driver for his reckless behaviour.