Wait, what? Grab driver claims he earns $25k in a month

Netizens are blasting a Grab driver who proudly claimed he earns "$25,000 to $26,000" in a month.

Instead of being a source of inspiration he has become a subject for ridicule after a video of him was posted on Singapore Taxi Driver's Facebook page.

In the video, the driver named Soh Yew Cheong said:

"Formerly, I'm just a taxi driver.

"I couldn't dream that in one month, a driver could earn 25 to 26 thousand dollars.

"I love you Grab!"

There were many bitter at how much he claims to make and others who were incredulous, refusing to accept that the amount is possible.

However, some netizens pointed out that the amount he earned was actually fromĀ Grab's Road Stars competition.

According to Grab, it is a "high-stakes competition" open to GrabCar drivers only.

The drivers team up in groups of five to score points and be rewarded with cash prizes.

Watch the video below.