Video of driver scolding traffic warden: Officers may park near illegally-parked vehicles to carry out duties, says LTA

Submitted by Stomper Jason

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Stomper Jason shared a video with Stomp, which shows him scolding and arguing with a Land Transport Authority (LTA) enforcement officer who issued him a summons for parking illegally along Bedok North Street 2 on Feb 11.

In the video, he was arguing with the warden and accused him of parking on the roadside as well. However, LTA has responded to Stomp and clarified that enforcement officers may park near illegally-parked cars to carry out their duties.

"See how he parks and 'saman' others," said Jason. "Is this even correct?"

He whipped out his phone to confront the officer and asked him to "give people chance" because he had only parked by the side of the road "for a while only".

When he realised he was being given a summons he said, "Never mind, issue lah. I got money to pay what".

He then went on to berate the officer for being able to park his motorbike by the side of the road while issuing him a notice of offence for doing the same thing.

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In response to Stomp media queries regarding the incident, an LTA spokesman gave the following response:

"In certain situations and when necessary, enforcement officers (EOs) from the LTA may stop and park near illegally parked vehicle(s) to carry out enforcement action against drivers who are contravening the parking restrictions.

"The EO in the video was carrying out his duties in accordance with LTA’s Standard Operating Procedures when he issued a Notice of Offence for illegal parking to the motorist on 11 February, at about 10pm,  along Block 128 Bedok North Street 2.

"To ensure safety and to minimise inconvenience to other road users, we strongly urge all motorists to obey the traffic rules and regulations when on the roads."