LTA and SPF respond to photo of officer approaching state car stopping on double yellow lines

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Singapore Police Force (SPF) have issued a joint statement, in response to a Stomp query, regarding a circulated photo that shows one of its officers near a state car.

Several Stompers had earlier alerted Stomp to various photos of the incident, which occurred on Dec 20 at 4.15pm along Prinsep Street.

Here is the joint statement in full:

"At 1615 hrs on 20 Dec 2017, a Land Transport Authority (LTA) enforcement officer was conducting his routine patrol along Prinsep Street when he noticed two vehicles waiting along a stretch marked with double yellow lines.

"The officer approached the vehicle, to request the driver to drive off. This is in line with LTA’s approach to enforcing double yellow lines regulation.

"The driver informed the LTA enforcement officer that he was there to pick up the President who was leaving the place.

"In the midst of the engagement, the President arrived and the driver drove off.

"There was no summons issued. 

"The Police Security Command (SecCom) provides security protection for the President of Singapore and other senior political leaders.

"As part of the security protection operations, the vehicle convoy is to be positioned close to the event location in compliance with traffic rules, to facilitate swift evacuation during contingencies. 

"In this case, the SecCom ground commander had made a decision for the convoy to wait there for the President as there were no street-side parking lots available in the immediate vicinity which would have allowed the convoy to come quickly to the scene in the event of an emergency.

"The police have reviewed this incident with LTA.

"SecCom officers have been reminded to park the convoy in compliance with traffic rules, without compromising their mission to ensure the safety and security of those they are escorting.”